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Tarah Lynn Clark

Artist's Statement

If you are looking for Tarah you will find her at home in the basement studio, with just as much paint on herself as the canvas. Tarah Lynn Clark is an artist in Wichita, Kansas. She graduated from Friends University with a major in Studio Arts and shows her work in local galleries and downtown markets through her business Tarah Lynn Creations LLC. She enjoys creating colorful landscapes and floral arrangements that can brighten anyone’s day. Acrylic with ink details is her go to medium.

“Colorful Creations” is a collection of work which explores the vibrance of nature from my point of view.

Through this work I spent time exploring the details of the world around us, from the folds of a flower petal to the texture on a bumblebee. When you look at the way an insect lands on a plant or the way the colors seamlessly blend together as one, that’s what I’ve gone for here.

I’ve added a feature that doesn’t get noticed much by creating a water color like aspect which almost helps create that blending of the blooms, then highlighting it with ink as they come to their full potential, leaving just the right amount of want from the on looker. My media of choice has always been acrylic paint and with these I’ve stretched the bright pigment around the canvas letting it have a natural flow yet still guiding it in the direction I wish it to go. The florals are seen in the fields where they naturally grow and also displayed in a vase that always brings the cheerfulness back to your heart. Hopefully these colorful creations find their way to yours.