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Nugents to the Fourth Power

NEWTON—Now that the Carriage Factory Art Gallery has reopened, it’s the perfect time to check out the “Nugents to the Fourth Power” exhibit now in the Susan Koehn Gallery. The show combines the work of Wendy Nugent and her sons Robert, Andy and Rodger. A reception for the show will be held from 6-8 p.m. on June 18, 2020. The public is invited.

Wendy has put together some of her favorite storm photos for the show. “These are just a few of my storm photos. I just love the feeling I get when I hear thunder. It’s a powerful, peaceful feeling, and I like to convey that in my photos,” Wendy said.Wendy traces her love of photography back to her early days when she used a point-and-shoot camera as a kid. Her love of photography was nurtured by her father.”My dad was great at encouraging my photography talent, having me help him in the darkroom and buying me cameras. He’s quite a talented photographer, and that’s something we did together. As a kid, I took photos of sunsets and people I knew. Now, I enjoy taking photos of interesting compositions, colors and mostly storm clouds,” Wendy said.Her son Rodger also enjoys photography and has three photos in the exhibit. He also has two paintings that show his eye for color and composition.Robert Nugent is an artist in Brookly, N.Y. where he frequently works on comic books.”I work on comics in New York City for a variety of companies/artists, and I even mentor someone. I do the coloring, while other artists do the penciling and inking. That’s how the comic industry works. I studied under Raymond and Patrice Olais at Newton High School and went on to Chicago at the Arti Institute there. I’ve learned a lot along the way,” Robert said via email. Two examples of Robert’s comic book art can be seen in the show, plus two other paintings that are larger than life.Andy Nugent’s oil paintings depict Biblical drama.”I like to illustrate stories in the Bible and try to get prophetic meaning into the work,” Andy said.

Patrons can view the show online with a video on the gallery’s Facebook page.

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