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Mickey Shannon

Artist's Statement

Mickey Shannon is a landscape, travel, and nature photographer based out of Wichita, Kansas. His passion for landscape photography developed out of many trips to the Colorado Rockies with disposable cameras. As he is entirely self-taught, Mickey’s style is distinct. Every image is a work of trial and error, honing his craft with each photograph he has taken.

Mickey’s style has changed subtly over the years. He started primarily shooting mountain shots in Rocky Mountain National Park, and fell in love with nature’s vivid colors. From a fiery red sunset to deep turquoise waters in the lakes of Switzerland. In the majority of his photographs, this overlying theme of vivid color in the natural world is overwhelmingly prevalent. He thrives for images that have a sense of the majestic and bold. Whether that be the vivid colors of nature’s sunrise, the busy life of a cityscape or the intense scenes of waves crashing against the cliffs where land meets ocean.

Mickey has also experimented with time-lapse and night photography in recent years. Some of the best light available to a photographer can be found after dark. The sense of awe at the Milky Way or a beautiful star-trail scene at a famous landmark or little known place on the Kansas prairie are primary focus points in his time-lapse and night-time work.

Mickey’s photographs have won a number of awards. They have also been published in a large variety of media ranging from advertising to publications both locally and nationally. He continues to push himself to constantly improve his work.