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Melinda J. Weis

Artist's Statement

Melinda J. Weis came to painting later in life. She started out decorative painting but had a friend who encouraged her to enroll in art at Wichita State University. There, she studied from Jill Eggers, Mary Morgan, and Ron Christ. After college, she took classes at the Wichita Center for the Arts (now Mark Arts). Melinda has also attended workshops by Mark Flickinger, Phil Starke, Jim Clements, Carol Marine, and Daniel Keys. She currently teaches painting at Mark Arts where she has two pieces in their permanent collection.

“Exploring color and the effect each choice has on a composition will forever be a fascination for me. You can paint any subject and your color choices will tell its story, can change its mood/narrative.  I tend to work in a series, from crows to glass. Crows have so much personality! And the color reflected in the glass is beguiling. However, it doesn’t matter what I’m painting, I am always inspired by God’s beautiful creation.”

Melinda is Kansan from birth, feeding birds (and a few stray cats) in her backyard. Along with painting, she enjoys photography, graphic arts, playing the piano, and listening to Michael Bublé.