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Kent Stucky

Kent Stucky painting

Artist's Statement

I’m inspired by the natural beauty I’ve been lucky enough to see on my travels and near my home. I strive to capture that visual beauty of the landscape both near and far. I hope to let the viewer enjoy that snapshot in time. Painting is not only the art of “moving paint around the canvas” but it is the art of moving light as well as motion at times. I inspire to build on those principles as I continue my endless journey of learning.

Born in 1953, Kent Stucky as a boy loved exploring all the woods, creeks, and fields around the family farm. As with most kids he took his surroundings for granted but after a short departure after high school came back to his roots a few years later with a profound love and appreciation for the natural beauty both near his family farm but throughout the country. He had gained an appreciation of art as a teenager, was especially drawn to painting and specifically to oil painting. During that time he dabbled in it but as often happens, life got in the way. Fast forward 45 years and with some prodding and encouragement from his son with the gift of some paints, brushes, and canvases a fire was lit and his new journey was begun. In his younger years he had done wildlife and landscape photography for many magazines and travel companies and that appreciation of composition and light would become very important in learning to paint.

He began the journey of teaching himself and visited many galleries and art museums both in Kansas and California studying closely the scenes, style, and methods used by a wide variety of artists and went to work in the studio practicing and practicing, continually trying new things and methods. He discovered that in painting the learning will never end and at age 64 his artistic journey is just beginning.