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J.P. “George” Krievins

George Krievins

Artist's Statement

Growing up in Newton, my interest in the visual arts was inspired by the many talented and creative artists and teachers that lived, worked, and practiced in this community. I was fascinated with the concept of representing a three or four dimensional reality in static two dimensional images.

I never lost my appreciation for art, but elected to pursue a parallel career path in architecture. I returned to Newton after college, and continue to practice in the community, currently doing design/build projects for a local construction firm.

In the spring of 2015, a series of circumstances provided me with a bit more free time, paint, and studio space. I decided to explore a return to visual art, picking up where I left off years ago. I started with painting salt water, because this Kansan loves the ocean. I am intrigued by the way that water reflects time, place, and mood. Water tells stories, and a story is what makes a static image come to life.

I’ve transitioned into painting people as well, family and friends, mostly…and a few “selfies”. My goal is to keep learning, keep trying new subject matter, to keep growing.

But, there will always be a story breathing within each piece. It starts out as my story, but my hope is that you might find your own story there too.

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