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Glen Ediger

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Artist's Statement

Everything we do leaves an impression. Our actions, whether intended or not, create an effect on our environment and on our relationships. My art-form is an expression of that effect, it intends to “expose” both literally and figuratively the effects of our actions, by creating a patina, with rust and decay onto the medium, literally creating the art on the exposed material.

I set up a composition, so that over a period of weeks, to months, to a year, the ENVIRONMENT, including rain, snow, ice, sun, animals and accumulated debris, create an EXPOSURE on the medium, which may include steel, copper, aluminum, wood, bronze or other flat materials. I am not aware of any other artist doing anything like this, I believe it to be completely unique.

1975 Bethel College graduate in art. 1912 Bethel Outstanding Alumnus Award. Retired Director of Design at Vornado Air for 30 years: Involved in the design, engineering and development of Vornado products since 1985. Listed as the inventor on over 130 U.S. Patents and many International Patents. National award-winning author. Facebook blog Mennonite Farmer with over 6,000 followers in 45 countries. Car and motorcycle enthusiast. Frequent guest speaker on Mennonite history, design, and art. A native Harvey County resident.