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Ginny Young

Artist's Statement

My art is inspired by the common, often taken for granted beauty and wonder that is found in the everyday daily living of life…whether it be a place, an object, an encounter, a look or reflection. Those “things”…those momentary experiences or feelings that almost seem to hold eternity, possibly never to be forgotten, hold a treasured meaning and memory. When at our best, we are living…all in, fully engaged…in that moment. What may seem to be too ordinary or common, too simple or mundane to be considered art or beauty, truly is. Especially according to the eyes of the beholder.

I notice the unnoticeable, the overlooked. This type of observation requires and beholds time, space, reflection, solitude, honor, humility. Then interpreting and translating those visual, emotional and spiritual stimuli into patterns, textures, colors, and contrasts is the work, the journey and the creative labor of love.