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David Welfelt

Artist's Statement

Like many my age, my first memory of taking photographs dates back to using a Kodak Brownie or Instamatic camera, taking pictures of family, friends, and pets. I began shooting “serious” images when my dad taught me how to use his roughly 20-year-old Leica Rangefinder. That was my initiation into aperture, shutter speed, and film ASA. I shot many abstract images in my bedroom. Black and white, of course.

My first job out of college provided the opportunity to use photography — slides to be specific — as an educational tool. I became proficient in the use of a Kodak Carousel Slide Projector and amassed an exhaustive collection of slides for teaching various horticulture subjects.

Then family came along. Raising three beautiful girls provided ample opportunity to document our lives as we celebrated every-day activities, birthdays, holidays, and vacations.

For me, the advent of digital photography opened a whole new world. No longer tied to buying and processing film, the nearly immediate feedback of shooting nature, landscape, and especially close-up images of plants and flowers gave rise to a whole new desire to create works of natural art.