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Barbara Haynes


Artist's Statement

Every day the sun makes a journey across the sky to end in an unpredictable and unique display of light and color.

Barbara Haynes grew up on the high plains of western Kansas and was always inspired and fascinated by the sunsets. Each sunset unfolds with its own color harmony, texture, and marks as they appear on the canvas. She feel each work is arrived at after a journey – some arrived at with ease, others taken through more difficulty – all unique and unpredictable.

Haynes’ work is shown locally at Carriage Factory Art Gallery in Newton, Kansas, and she has also exhibited in local shows including the 2016 National Abstract Show at Mark Arts, City Arts, Dyck Arboretum, and being featured in “A Modern Venus: A Woman’s Perspective” at the Finishing School for Modern Women. She teaches mixed media workshops and also enjoys taking workshops from nationally-known artists.

Haynes holds degrees in apparel design from Kansas State University and elementary education from Friends University. She lives in Wichita and currently works as a special education teacher for the Sedgwick County Interlocal Special Education Cooperative.