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Aaron Jackson Bowman

Aaron Jackson Bowman

Artist's Statement

there is nothing to decipher.

it is not esoteric; it is absent of any deep-seated riddle.

it neither follows nor professes any manifesto.

it is not about suffering or empowerment or passion or religion. it is not about politics.

it is not a movement, not the birth or continuation of one.

it is not intellectual, psychological, or a seminal statement.

the work, however, is not about nothing; that would be pretentious.

what the work embodies is the most basic form of mark-making: it is about line; it is about arrangement; and the celebration of the scribble is its principle.

and the scribble, organized, simply implies a picture, informs a composition – a conscious choreography of movement, balance, and color. and if any narrative shall associate itself with the work, it is not the creator but the consumer that is the author, the storyline engineered by her imagination.