Upcoming Exhibits

what’s showing at the Carriage Factory Art Gallery


Scheduled Exhibits in Main Gallery

Jan 13 – Mar 2    “Kansas Through the Eyes of an Artist,” Juried Exhibit featuring 34 artists

Mar 10 – May 4   Wichita Women  Artists, several mediums

May 12 – July 6  Lindsey Yankey, Ande Hall, Cathy Broski (illustration, mixed media, ceramics)

July 14 – Sept 7   Judy Dove,  Scott Brown (mixed media, acrylics, oils,  mobiles)

Sept 15 – Nov 9   Mike Livingston and Emerson Wiens (oils and sculptures)

Nov 17 – Jan 11, 2019 Carolyn Mock, Burneta Venosdel, Julie Gowing Hayes


A Look Back at 2017 Exhibits:

Jan 14 – Mar 11  “The Optimist’s View”: Debra Clemente and Jennie Becker, oil paintings and porcelain pottery

Mar 18 – May 13    Western Art: Colleen Sternberger, Don Dane, Jean Cook, Patricia Neufeld, Bob Willis, Patsy Lane, Burneta Venosdel

May 20 – July 8     “Splash”: Margie Moss, Debi Cox, and Julie Cox Hamm 

July 15 – Sept 9      “In Retrospect”:  James Caldwell, Beth Vannatta, and Gene Marsh, paintings and sculpture

Sept 16 – Nov 11     “The Art of Friendship”: Works by Constance Gehring, JoAnn Swearingen, Mary Lee McDonald, Mary Johnson, Peggy Wambold, Susan Bartel, Kathy Waltner, Cindy Sigmund, Jan Schoen, Carol Zerger, Mae Blythe, and Jennifer Weigel

Nov 18 – Jan 6, 2018  “Everyday Moments,” Joel Dugan and Emily Chamberlain