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Curtis Haynes

Curtis Haynes

Artist's Statement

Creating art is my escape or therapy. I enjoy manipulating acrylic paint and exploring the unknown. It’s a nice change from my technical day job. Art allows me to bend the rules, try something different and be surprised by the results.

Experimenting with different surfaces, mediums, and techniques combined with lessons taught by renown artists has led me to work primarily in reverse painting on acrylic panels. I love the effects and depth this creates; how viewing from different angles or lighting changes what I see. The best surprise is revealing the art by removing the protective covering from the viewing side. Only then do I see the results. The reward for my efforts is listening to viewers describe what they see.

When I lived and traveled Europe several years ago, I was fascinated by art and stained glass. My art education started when my wife enrolled me (without asking!) in an art class she was taking. At first I believed I could never create “art”. Classes, workshops, coaching from artist friends, and especially my wife Barbara have been my biggest encouragement. I enjoy the creative process.

My favorite artist expression is “There are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents!”