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Carol Zerger

Carol Zerger

Artist's Statement

My love for art was first revealed in early childhood when I drew imaginative scenes in a Big Chief tablet instead of napping. During my school years, I continually doodled on notebook margins and scrap pieces of paper. I observed and drew my mother’s friends sitting at a bridge table, my teachers while lecturing, my classmates, family and animals during their various activities. My love for art continued into college where I studied under Kansas artists Jim Hagan and Elmer Tomasch.

Glimpses of simple moments from everyday life and nature continue to create curiosity, reverence and joy within me. I am compelled to capture these fleeting moments in order that I may relive the experiences and also share them with others. I express myself in a realistic style using mediums of acrylic, oil and watercolor, depending on the moment I’m capturing. My compositions interplay light, color, patterns and brushstrokes using a wide variety of subjects. It is my utmost reward when my artwork enriches the lives of others.