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Barbara Haynes


Artist's Statement


Barbara Haynes grew up on the high plains of western Kansas where inspiration came from the horizon and the atmospheric conditions that occurred from sunrise to sunset on any given day. Working in acrylics and using mixed media techniques, Haynes creates abstracted landscapes that reflect the vastness and openness of the prairie.

Haynes’ work is shown locally at the Carriage Factory Gallery in Newton, Kansas, and she has exhibited in local shows including the 2016 National Abstract Show at Marks Arts, City Arts, Dyck Arboretum, and featured in Modern Venus : A Women’s Perspective at the Finishing School for Modern Women.

Ms. Haynes holds a degree from Kansas State University in fashion design and also an elementary education degree from Friends University.  She lives in Wichita and currently works as a special education teacher for the Sedgwick County Interlocal Special Education Cooperative.