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Barbara Haynes


Artist's Statement

Barbara Haynes grew up on the high plains of western Kansas surrounded by the expansive sky and the endless horizon.  The view was always the same yet ever changing depending on the atmosphere of the given moment.  Her abstract paintings provide a different perspective inspired by the forms and shapes of the prairie.

Guided by an intuitive process, she layers acrylic paint, glazes, and mediums to create texture, space, and depth. Barbara has taken workshops from nationally known artists learning to enhance her work with mixed media techniques including collage and photo transfers.  She continues to take classes and workshops to learn about different mediums and artistic processes.

Art and creativity have always been a part of her life.  Growing up in Jetmore, Kansas, Barbara spent many hours in her grandmother’s studio where her grandmother painted china tea sets, dishes, and vases.  From an early age, Barbara was drawing and painting her surroundings but especially loved drawing the family pets.  Barbara was also influenced by her mother who sewed clothes for three children and inspired her to pursue a degree in fashion design.

Barbara holds a Home Economics degree from Kansas State University and also a degree in Elementary Education from Friends University.   She currently works as a gifted education facilitator in USD 267 and USD 439.  Teaching the creative problem solving process to students has affirmed her belief that when we lose the fear of making mistakes we produce our best work.