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Ann Zoglman

Artist's Statement

I cherish the days of growing up on a farm in Kansas, and having direct exposure to nature. I knew as a child I wanted to be a landscape painter.

Early on I took a class on perspective from an instructor at the university. I continue my development and guidance from attending classes, workshops, seminars and demonstrations given by artists whose work I admire. I am currently pursuing ‘en plein aire’ painting. The flexability of oil paint makes it an easy medium to work with, and the lovely colors fascinate me…making oil my medium of choice.

I like my paintings to have a warm and pleasing effect on people, something they can relate to…..maybe ignite a memory or simply provide a visual pleasure. We live in a sophisticated world, but I like the simplistic beauty of ordinary things…….especially old barns. When painting an old barn you capture a place in time…and make time stand still….and the painting itself is a legacy as to what was.